Learning To Say NO!


Learning To Say NO


I remember a friend’s story who was dating and how she gave me gist of her plights during the relationship, especially the times when she had to go against her will and do things she knew were wrong just to satisfy her partner. There was this particular one that got me, which I cant seem to get off my memory. It was a situation where she and her partner had gone to a party, on returning home, the guy wanted to peak the enjoyment of the day by getting high and topping it with sex. She refused, she had made a vow for abstinence till marriage, but he got angry and started reacting to every slight thing she did; neglecting her which was a constant re-occurrence. At this level, she feared the relationship could go to ruins so she gave in. She loved him and thought he did too, and she believed the right thing to do was to succumb to solidify the relationship by giving in to sex. After about two weeks, she needed to have a checkup and lo, she was pregnant! Sad you would say, but on the contrary, she was elated, seeing it as a seal to the future of the relationship. She got in touch with her guy only to receive the shock of her life to get rid of the baby else it was over between them. She thought he just needed time to adjust to the news, after a while she went to his place and brought up the issue again only to get a silly beating out of herself that almost left her unconscious. She managed to survive the incident and you can imagine the rest of the story. If she had stood her ground, I doubt this sort of thing would have happened to her and she sure would be leading a different life as we speak but praise be to God for the preservation of her soul and mind.

Learning to say No takes willpower, determination and of course the strength of God and the desire to live by His Word. Saying No doesn’t necessarily have to be done aggressively but one’s position must be known to be firm and if it actually does need hostility or aggression to enforce, then so be it! You must learn to live by standards and principles set down even before the relationship came to be. Well yes, somethings might need to be adjusted but not to one’s detriment and also not forcefully or in an attempt  to please the selfish desires of your partner…this is not permissible in a healthy relationship.


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  1. John says:

    it’s actually good to say No in certain case, but when u say No you’re saying it hoping its final but nature knows if your No is final or not, There was this guy, he like going to canteen to get food during lunch hour, there he met this pretty girl who also came to have her lunch at that point both of them met, and the guy started a discussion and wanted a relationship with her, so the guy asked the girl for her mobile number, the girl looked at the guy and said(NO) and she left and the guy did nothing, after a week, the guy’s roommate invited the girl to their room, lo and behold both of them met again, this time the girl needs the guys number and help, should he still say NO? just read what the writer said learning to say No take will power, only needs God’s strength, lesson u don’t know who will help you tomorrow.


    1. horptie says:

      your scenario to the post I made are quite different, thyey are very different instances and so am not sure same applies in your assumed situation.
      Still, from what I can understand from your scenario though, the lady may have been acting on standards she set based on location or how the whole talk went, hence they reason for her saying No to you. What would you have done if you were the guy? Whatever the case might have been, try letting go then start a new page of friendship.


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