Forgiving In All


Forgiving In All


Sometimes I wonder how I know this much about relationships yet make the mistakes I made. I have done quite a number of things i am not very proud of but no regrets though; I learnt a whole lot from them all. They say love is blind but I can convincingly tell you otherwise, love does make you do very stupid things a times, but in all, you learn. Making mistakes are very good and permissible though that like learning the hard way, it allows you ground to understand just how far you should go at somethings but learning from somebody else’s experience is whole lot better, advisable and most times worth it because some mistakes are irreversible or  not rectifiable and so leave painful stamps that stay permanent. Some mistakes irrespective of whether you’ve heard of others experiencing are just meant to be made by self to really fathom the magnitude of that situation for the lesson to be learnt.

Self love is one great therapy that should be resorted to if perhaps has not been there from the onset. Realizing just how important you are in yourself goes a long way in somebody else appreciating not to talk of how you are able to deal with the outside world and its circumstances. It heals in all and ability to forgive both yourself and who did the hurt giving room to a fresh start in all aspects of one’s life. Mistakes are meant to be made by humans to catapult you to the next level you ought to reach at an quicker pace with less difficulties.

Let go and Let God, assume the offender is only being human and that’s how best they could behave in the given circumstance and you as well might just have behaved same way given the scenario. Know no body is an island and so you would need to associate again and get involved with just another person with a whole different background and upbringing, realizing this helps you tolerate whatever you find yourself in and really move on in life…Be pleasant!


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  1. TinzRant says:

    Great post, check out my post when you get the chance 🙂

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    1. horptie says:

      Thank you! done that…


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