In All, Easy Does It!



Its another beautiful day of this great June week. Sure we all slept well and are definitely up and doing at this time already.

Am prompted to write this from the ‘greeting statement’ above…What have you been up to? Whats the newness you’ve added to yourself in the course of this week and where do you see it heading you to?

Some people think its just ’bout the working-working-earning thing…Oh No, I’d tell you its way more than that, I’d let you know just how much more that has a depth in you than you lest thought possible, just how much more it can determine where exactly your whole purposed-life is headed to. This whole thing you’d die for, this whole vanity you wholeheartedly lust after, this satisfying unsatisfiable materiality we all are after…Dearie, it all would come to ruins one day, some day and way sooner than expected. Never base your happiness on material substances, they perish beyond imagination and take up places  of more tangible value and at its end, leave voids that hurt.

Live each moment as though there isn’t a next, live the very next after it as though there ain’t no eternity and of-course, Live the eternity as it is all your life can get. Be productive, Be profitable, Be reasonable, Share, Love, Live and Most definitely, PLAY (the good play tho…#winks). Its just this one life you’ve got…Wise up and Work it!


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