For The Sake Of Love…


For The Sake Of Love 2…


I was feeling restless on one dull evening and decided to take a stroll to the restaurant close home. On my way down the lane, I looked up and there, I met her.

There was this uneasy feeling about how she was looking, she looked disturbed and worried. This was the same girl I had bumped into some time ago. Being the gentleman that I was, I felt I should walk up to her and cheer her up, though a bit reluctant at first, I eventually summoned up courage and walked towards her (after all, the worst she could do was to snub me, and thankfully, it wasn’t a crowded place).

As I moved closer, what my eyes saw was a lot more different from what I thought it saw from afar. She was a very pretty lady, her hair looked like gold, and her skin felt so supple I could pierce through them with my eyes. I continued to stare, little did I realize that I had stopped moving and she had raised her heads from her shoulder to see who was walking towards her. “Hi”, “hello” “errm” (I stuttered), this had never happened to me. I was always this confident when talking to a lady, I never looked for what to say. But for the first time in my life, I stood and talked, but nothing came out. “Hello”, she said, “how may I help you”? “Hi, I’m Jerry” and then just like that it all came back. I felt this adrenaline flow from my veins and all my confidence was there, right there that one would almost see physically.



Amaka as she would eventually tell me was her name, has always had this fear of never finding love since her early days in the university. Growing up was hard, she lost her parents at a very tender age of 4 to a ghastly motor accident along Benin-Ore expressway, and got adopted by one of her rich uncles. Though comfortable, she never felt the love a child needed. Amaka’s adopted home already had 6 children in it. She struggled to get attention, despite being a victim of circumstance. She felt odd and yes she was. She knew she would hold dearly whatever little love she found.

I on the other hand, had just finished defending my project and felt this relief as that was what had been basically on my mind for the greater part of the whole session. The defense went well, I was able to successfully answer all questions thrown at me by 3 Professors, and about 5 Senior lecturers in the faculty, It was on my way to my apartment outside of the school that I had bumped into Amaka. She was half running half walking, where she could possibly be going to, girls like this shouldn’t go through so much stress, If only I had a car, I had thought to myself. She gasped for air and bent to gather her stuffs. I’m so sorry I said I rushed to pick her phone which was almost rolling into the gutter nearby. As I returned to give it to her our eyes met. For a moment none of us said a word, then I smiled and apologized one more time. Unknowingly to me, I was the same guy they always talked about in her room. Mr. Ebony as I was usually called (after winning all 3 awards in the department since my 100 level days in the University, I didn’t expect anything different really), and to think I was right there, standing and talking to her was enough to give her the jitters – I guess -. She returned the smile and hurriedly left before I could say any other thing. Not even a phone number? Will I ever see her again? I said to myself as I watched her jog down the road, her hips swaying in unison.


Amaka was in a hurry to meet someone, a certain Emeka she was supposed to meet about half an hour ago, obviously she was late and that was the reason she didn’t see me coming in the first place. Emeka might be the love she needed, the one to keep her fears at bay for as long as she could manage to hold him and her delay could have him angry and leave. As she ran, she told herself to forget whatever it is that just happened. It’s nothing, it’s the devil trying to prevent me from getting happiness, and she consoled herself.

What do you think happened next? Did she hook up with the waiting guy? How did the whole thing turn out? Find out in our next edition of “for the sake of love” next week.

Ciao!!! 🙂


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