For The Sake Of Love…

Hello guys, taking it from where we dropped off on the long anticipated story-line on FOR THE SAKE OF LOVE 2…. You missed out on previous edition of this write? Do click on this link to refresh .Thank you!

long distance

For The Sake Of Love 2…


True to her thoughts, Emeka was long gone. After waiting for more than 30 minutes, he gave up and concluded she was not going to show up. Amaka sat under the tree, depressed and in thoughts. Her worst fears had come back to hunt her again. Would she find somebody to love her? Someone who was going to listen to her? Emeka was a guy her friend hooked her up with, he had just come to Enugu for a business trip and was to travel back to Lagos within the next hour, so he had to leave for the airport. It was in this moments of gloom that I showed up. She contemplated on what reaction to give me, she tried to stay sad and angry at me for ruining her day, but she couldn’t. I had a smile on my face and she was loving it. Perhaps I could be a blessing in disguise after all.



He had a huge smile and she loved the beam from it. We got talking and in about a short while became best of friends. One thing led to another and we were already in a serious relationship. It felt like we had known each other for such a long while. We talked about family and it happened to be that we were both orphans and found ourselves in the exact same situation. So there it was, a connection, a deeper one had just been found. At long last she had found someone she could talk to. A friend, a brother, a lover, perhaps a husband and partner.She felt totally on top of the world, in the skies to be precise. How she had longed for this moment, even if it had happened just in a pass, she knew she would hold onto it forever. But here it was, looking like a real forever. Oh how she loved him already and would do anything to keep it as that and if it meant being still and quiet about some exceptions…yes! She was willing to live the forever.

Hi guys… How do you think the rest of the story unfolded? Did it work out as she planned? Did it go beyond…good or bad? How far did it go and where? Stay ready as we conclude on the story in our next edition of “for the sake of love”.


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  1. Lamydeh says:

    Hmm. Can’t wait for the rest…

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    1. horptie says:

      Stay tuned, nextweek is here already. Thank you!


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