For The Sake Of Love …

Hello guys, how has this week been so far? You know, all the hustling and bustling, the chit-chatting, the stalking and picking up news around #winks. I’ve had quite a week and lemme let you know, that path has only just begun but I’ll definitely pull through!

So, we dropped off last week from…

young love

For The Sake Of Love 2…


It looked just perfect. We could share our thoughts and emotions, since we both had a connection and were in the self-same situation. We became almost inseparable, always seen together, except when we had classes. Unluckily for us, our faculties were far apart. UNN is actually a big school, those who have been there will relate with what I am saying.

crosswalk love


We were in love and the world could see it, but just as suddenly as it had happened, it began to fall apart. My ex came back into the picture, the one girl I had always truly loved before I met Amaka of course, Jenny always messed with my head and she knew it. I hated the fact that I couldn’t get her out of my head. No matter how hard I tried, I was never able to. She knew this and just used her cards too well. She was back and in her words, she was serious “and would stop at nothing to get me all to herself”.

Amaka on the other hand had a rough past she never told me, She had on 3 different occasions, with 3 different guys had 3 successful abortions, the last of which according to the doctors, might hinder her chances of giving birth in the future. While me on the other hand, had a child with Jenny which I never mentioned to her. One way or the other we had both found out about our secrets, one which we never cared to mention all the while. We were in our final year in the university, being a Law student and she, an Engineering student, our courses were to take 5 years each. So we had inadvertently been dating for 2 years. We were serious, so this was an issue. We had lied about a very important aspect of our lives to each other, and now it was out in the open.

The once sweet relationship suddenly turned sour. Its blooming leaves began to dry up. Many invariable outcomes kept surfacing, the course of which were slim. Our chances? We were in love, but how far could we have gone FOR THE SAKE OF LOVE???

Feel free to drop your comments in the box below and find out what happened next in our final edition of the series.

Do enjoy the rest of this great week !


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  1. Emeka says:

    Nice one keep it up

    Liked by 1 person

    1. horptie says:

      Thanks. I hope you’re learning one or two things tho


  2. Secret is a nemesis in any relationship. Keeping such a terrifying secret from each other is “extarmination”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. horptie says:

      Yes and yes my dear. Keeping secrets is one very big factor that destroys a relationship, irrespective of how small or insignificant one may count it.
      And so you can imagine what that can possibly have done to Jerry’s relationship. Keep in touch for the concluding part. Thanks you!


  3. mercy says:

    Keeping secrets isn’t cool if you are ready to move on to the future without any regrets

    Liked by 1 person

    1. horptie says:

      Yea. That is so very true. It means total repentance of that act and a clearer picture of what you want (it) to be in the nearest future. I like that @Mercy, thanks


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