What It Takes…

You know that moment everything happens so fast, all happening together; at the same time and then it has taken place? Well yes, that was my last week but above all you come out shining and even brighter knowing the Lord is good.

There never is that new thing that hasn’t happened before, probably it’s a new channel of turn out but my dears, it’s never new, It is life, It is… Welcome to the Real World.

In all it’s about you being positive, knowing to take it in well, staying optimistic, standing tall above all of these; Being the best you can ever be! Don’t be taken or drifted by the wind of life, that is life and how it might want you to be but this is You… You are precious, You are worthy, You are brave, You are strong, You are priceless, You are amazing, You are your unique self. Nobody, No situation, Nothing can take that (away) from you. 

You gotta realize and walk high in that esteem. You gatta determine to live life and live it to the full, to the best you can. Make other aspects of living bloom even when a part seem trembling or tumbling. You stand tall above the wind. You take the wind by the edge and control the whole of it because that is who you can be when you decide to be/ what you can do. You then sit and observe with faith just how God would turn it out and up for your good. You should stay good and kind in spite of all. Be good to yourself and to others. Be gentle ‘cos your-self is also taking in just as much of whatever it is as ‘You’ are. You ask who the ‘You’ there is? Well yes… your body, your spirit, your soul as much as are One(you) are different comPARTment, all ‘human’ of themselves. 

Be calm, then you can strategize. Be sure you have just about only the right set of company around you, they help you understand and accept and appreciate all of the moments of the happening because believe me or not; You’d have to play those scenes going forward in life. Just make sure you have it right at the moment it is all coming on. Then and only then can you say ‘You Conquered’!

Wanna share how your week went? You could just drop a word or two to encourage someone out there too. I love you guys…


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