Setting The Pace

Setting The Pace

January just went off like that! Like already, really?

Don’t you all just think this year will be just as fast as last year?

So, tell me, how much were you able to accomplish with the whole ‘rush’ last year gave us all? I sure do hope you didn’t just have it all slip away without your own real impact in it and its own effect on you.

Remember those posts I mentioned in the first article of this year on the blog? < >. Let’s do a little justice to it now…

What were those things you were able to check off your list as “achieved”? Or should I even start by saying, “what were the things that you put down on your to-do list? Did you prioritize the items on this check-list or just wrote down as “to be achieved”? And what time frame did you set out to achieve them?” You know part of what I suggested we take upon ourselves was the ability to

actually sit down and pen down things we look forward to achieving before the year ends and finally marking out each item as they got achieved.

So, let’s be honest in here… how many of us actually did that – oh well you know we can say there are like three steps embodied into one in there;

• The sitting down – this is basically to think; to strategize; to-come-to-terms-with by realizing and agreeing with oneself on those things that actually needs to be done. It’s a first huge step when one can acknowledge that a piece is missing – so I say kudos.

• The putting pen to paper – this is a bold step further to achieving goals even in general. It is a way to stay accountable and truthful to oneself.

• Then finally, striking out those items you got around to carrying out. This, I bet you, is an awesome feeling – so relaxing; there is absolutely no better feeling than that which comes with being accomplished.

But hey, never ever beat yourself down if peradventure you don’t achieve all of these items listed or if the time you allocated to accomplish these activities lapsed. But search within; did you give all of it your best shot? – That is all that a target should be about.

Now, what’s the next best thing to do whether or not the above discussion got covered?

It is Moving On! Ask yourself what you can do differently. Set a new standard by which to run by; a new footstool to strive by – SET A NEW PACE and watch to see that you did better: to be proud of yourself knowing that you improved, that it altogether got better than the last.

Your Sweetheart,


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  1. I think this year will be even faster than last year.
    I made the most of last month. I achieved all my goals earlier than the deadline I set, and I’m proud of myself. I wish I could say the same about February, though. I just feel like I’ve wasted the last seven days of this month.

    Sadly, I’m not going to achieve all of my resolutions for this year if I keep going at this pace. I just hope I feel as motivated as I was last month very soon.

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    1. horptie says:

      Finally somebody says it! I just wanted to believe it wasnt only me thinking so too.

      Awwwn… so good last year was at a peak for you, I made my mark also. But not to worry, February is still an early time to gauge for the whole of the year ehn.
      It is a good good thing you are able to point out even to yourself that if you continued with your current pace, you may not accomplish all you set out to do this year. So my big advice –
      you have admitted that you are lagging behind, next thing to do is ADJUST and trust me, you need just a kick in your butt to set you all off onto progress.
      I wish you a fulfilling 2019 dear.


  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I wish you a purposeful 2019

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    1. horptie says:

      We all need it. Thank you too 😊

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  3. Olufunmilayo says:

    I have realized that step 2 is actually the first step to conquering the fear in our minds which in itself is a limitation to achieving our dreams. I call it the self limitation breaker! Kudos girl I’ve been impacted by this.

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    1. horptie says:

      Very very true. Just how strong thoughts can be and that is why they say speaking positively (as in this case is the penning down) is the big step to taking control of outcomes – SELF LIMITATION BREAKER!
      I am glad you’ve been blessed by this… thank you so much for stopping by, do stay in touch in here. Cheers.

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  4. rue202 says:

    Great idea! Last year, my goal was to complete the Zion trilogy, which I did (thankfully. In the end, I was like “get it finished already”).

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    1. horptie says:

      I attest to your zeal towards completing the Zion series!!! And really, I totally applaud you😊😊🥂. Part of mine was mostly academics related which I pursued but I won’t say I got it all achieved because I am actually still at it. But it definitely got better 😇.
      So now, onto the next… I’m sure you have something set out already – I look forward to hearing a part of it via your posts ☺☺.

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      1. rue202 says:

        Hope you achieve your goals.
        My current writing goal is “The Inside Job”. Sorry for being slack lately. Writing other stories, and the crazy hurdles life throws at you.

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      2. horptie says:

        I’m hopeful I will this year. Thank you!

        Nice😃😃…I look forward to reading. Trust me, I totally can relate to crazy hurdles life can like to throw, but we stand tall with Christ my dear.

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      3. rue202 says:

        Yes, He is with us and takes care of us, which I am thankful and grateful for. Everything happens and is allowed to happen for a reason.

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      4. horptie says:

        Absolutely and very true. And it all works out for our own good…

        Cheers sis😇

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      5. rue202 says:

        Hey, from a remark you made earlier, did you know that I have already started posting “The Inside Job”? Just not sure from a remark you made.

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      6. horptie says:

        Ohh not at all. But I guess you have yea? I will check it up

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