Meeting The One


Meeting The One

How do you feel when you run into an old friend? Not just those you were really close to at some time or those you lost their contact and have been trying year after year to reconnect with them. And then, boom! You bump into them at the mall or on that queue or on the bus going to an event you initially didn’t even want to attend.

The joy! The conclusion that God definitely has a hand in your life #haha – as if He does not even care for much more important stuff about your life.

Then, you meet somebody you can get to do the rest of life with. OMG!

Meeting someone and knowing you want to spend the rest of your life with the person could be one huge and scary step. When you both actually come to the decision of wanting to spend the rest of your lives together, it will feel like bliss. But then a lot of things that will start adding up together to create some scenes will make it seem like a whole new ordeal; one that only specific virtues (see Galatians 5 vs 22) you both possess can help you see the light of the day. So, you’ve got to do it right!

It takes a whole lot getting through a relationship, how much more having a successful marriage.

There are lots of emotions attached when you are with someone; maybe someone you are romantically involved with or just a friend, or a family or a buddy – sometimes, very mixed feelings. How does one get to tear each one of it apart right? This is where the word “butterfly feelings” comes into the picture #hehehe.

I know it may seem unreal, like butterfly feelings are like some type of myth we are made to believe. Just because butterflies are mostly pretty creatures doesn’t mean we should expect the emotions attached to romance to always be like that – as if all relationships are/ always turn out “pretty”. Quite truthfully, a whole lot of numbers of romantic relationships don’t end well; many others have very steep journeys if at all in the end, it gets through the ugly facets to supposedly what we want them to be.

Emotions in romance are some hot feelings people tend to get carried away with. But love is much more than that; emotions are what fades away while people assume they no

butterlonger love that person. So now, when you settle that you have met “the one” that means (you feel) you’ve met one who you see can pass through all of life’s camouflage, look past just emotions when dealing with you. One who despite emotions/ how contrary to good feelings they may be having at that moment can still stay to treat you right in and with love.

“The One” on all levels means the appropriate significant other for you. Yes, as simple as that.

So, how do you meet that one?

Let’s do this in bullet points…

  • Your level of preparedness –

    We all want to meet that one person that makes all other things seem to disappear. (#laughing, don’t take this literally). But I mean, who doesn’t want to have someone around the corner that makes every occurrences in your life seem like even though times are tough, things will still be okay in the end. In the moment of waiting on that person’s arrival, what do we find ourselves doing?                                                                                                                                                                                                                So here, don’t be deceived, everyone wants to meet and stay with someone they consider to be deserving of sharing their emotions and feelings. But while this other person comes, what do we find ourselves doing? We have to learn to prepare in anticipation of that which we want – FAITH – Hebrews 11 vs 1.

Disclaimer: Oh well, let’s say a little more than just the majority desires to be hooked. I say this because genuinely, I have met a few who truthfully would rather not have anyone on their heels for one reason or the other (and maybe I have been convinced by their resolution that that is the best for them).

  • Waiting –

    This word is some huge stuff. The whole meaning to “waiting” is almost more than what can easily be expressed in plain words. Personally, I feel there is an emotion to and behind it. How do you ‘wait’ on and for something? How do you patiently waitseek while that thing you desire finds its way to you? – In here, I have learnt to understand that when one finds him or herself busy/doing something (for the Lord), it kind of attracts that thing (many times marriage-wise) that is so desired to the person. I’m not sure you caught that.

I mean, how can you be working for God and He will forget to work for and in your favor? No, He isn’t a God of injustice.

  • Receiving –

    In the Holy Book, we are told how powerful the words of our mouth are; the tongue: this thing can make or mar you! (James 3 vs 5 – 6). So which would you rather have it do to you?! Speak words of life as you desire it and in all aspects. The act of prophesying “things that are not yet as though they are already” is one step towards ‘receiving’ that which you so desire for in the nearest future where it comes forth for you.

You can’t be considering spending the rest of your life with someone and not have enough to offer in return to the one that finds you. Finding the right person for you takes a whole lot of perseverance, patience, endurance and coming to terms with being with and caring for someone other than just yourself.

Much more than just words of mouth in receiving, have you considered getting to “work” by positioning yourselves in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing(s). That man, that woman you so desire will not just walk up to you in your room that you spend your time 24/7! Hell. You have to remember to socialize, go out.


Visit that new store. Merely taking the walk down your street can bring you bumping into your significant other. And don’t get me wrong, I do not, I repeat, I do not mean aimless walking and strolling around because you want somebody to see you. When you do stuff as that is when the cats, mice and dogs will just see you and think it is okay for them to just walk up to you to open their mouths to say whatever they find suitable from their guts to spill out. So no, totally avoid such misfortune.

  • Knowing what you want –

    And finally, you have to learn to talk. Learn how to communicate. I saw something on one of the social media platforms that got me really laughing because I totally could relate to it. How can you be praying to get hooked yet you claim you love your privacy!? Like, you don’t like picking calls. You don’t want somebody to just spring up on your plans. You don’t want anyone expecting you to make out time from your busy schedule to hang out together. Really! You really should sit down to ask yourself what you want. Ain’t no one having his/her cake and still eating all of it when it comes to relationship my dear.

So tell me what you have been doing the whole of being single till now that you are waiting to get hooked!?

In the next article, we will be talking about those actual things to be found doing when waiting to meet the one.

So guys, from your own angle now… What should the process of waiting to Meet The One look like? Or better still, what have you been doing while waiting to meet the one.

Please share this with somebody. Thanks.

Your humble space-friend-in-love,


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  1. Maikel says:

    Hmmm dope. Learnt something recently. You mentioned the part of doing things for the Lord and etc then it attracts other things, which reminds me of something I read . Making reference to the Bible where Jesus said seek ye the kingdom of God and all other things will be added to you. The word ‘added’ is taken from a word that means ‘magnetize ‘ so when you do the Lord’s work, when you’re all focused on him, all other things gets magnetized to ya. Hehehehehe.

    Oh well, I’ve spilled A lot

    Liked by 1 person

    1. horptie says:

      I’m glad you got something in there.
      Wow, thank you for that reference to Matthew 6 vs 33; till you mentioned, I didnt even see that statement I made in that light – and yes, it is absolutely right.

      It’s so good to have you stop by… Cheers😇.


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