Stuffs You Really Should Be Found Doing While That Person Comes Along To Sweep You Off Your Feet

Stuffs You Really Should Be Found Doing While That Person Comes Along To Sweep You Off Your Feet


… Serve the Lord with all your heart and might and every other thing will be added unto you (Matthew 6: 33) – I am opening with this. Under the inspiration of a musical right now, let’s kick it off…

The last time on the blog we talked about meeting that person who you think should go over and aboard for you all for true love, yea? (See )

There is a level of growth that you should see in an individual; No before that, there should be a level of growth one has attained as a person (this should be something even one recognizes) before concluding it is time for that next step – marriage. That level of growth puts the person in a position to determine the next steps to take to accomplish the successful marriage goal.

Did you get that?

More than the nosy reports/feedback we get from people and onlookers, can an individual say to himself/herself that at so-and-so-point is when it is time to either do this or that. You shouldn’t rely on what people ‘think’ you ought to be doing right at a moment when you know you aren’t mature or ready or ripe for that stuff yet. And you can only get to this stage when certain boxes on a ‘menu’ are rightly ticked – when I say menu here, in no way do I mean food items and that kinda-ish.

Everything in life is in steps and grades, meaning you have to be a baby before you grow into a teenager and then into a youth, then to adulthood and finally old age. And so, you have to get yourself ready while you are currently at a stage in your life in order to prepare yourself for the next stage you will be launching into. For certain stuff to take place, and without error (at least to the best you can because ultimately God gives the blessings and approval for stuff to happen), that means you have fulfilled some sort of righteousness on your part before you can categorically say you are ready to step into that other phase of your life. I mean, one should do his/her own best as humans, to get prepared/ improve/ grow in knowledge, wisdom and maturity before considering taking another person on a path of leadership – this is one broad topic for another day as it encompasses lots and lots of aspects.

So what really should you be found doing while you wait for your appropriate significant other to come along-come sweep you off your feet?

How about I refer you to the first paragraph of this article – Matthew 6: 33;

Does that seem impracticable? Well then, how about you just try it to find out! But I lay me down on it that God does works in miraculous ways, still not forgetting that just as the body is dead without breath(spirit), so also Faith without good works is dead – James 2:26.

So to as what is humanly possible, here is a brief of what you can keep yourself doing:

  • Working – like a real intellectual job.
  • Welfare services


  • Volunteering
  • Vineyard/Sanctuary works
  • Learning handwork – hairdressing, tailoring, fashion designing, interior designs, event planning and decorations, photography, art works and the likes.
  • Just get diligently and decently busy!!!

Any of these seem hard or of little interest to you?

Have you learnt that aspect of discovering yourself? Now is about the best time possible to embark on that journey, you will be amazed at what you can find out about yourself, the abilities you possess, innovations you can come up with and the likes.

Do you wanna share how you met your significant other? Especially you married folks….

Single and waiting to get married are also most definitely at liberty to shed some lights on how they met their person, this sure will go a long way in preparing the minds of the “single and searching”; you never can tell, you could be using your not-so-usual occurrence to lighten/give hope to someone out there. (You are totally permitted to stay anonymous, just get your story out there to make somebody feel better and then smile).

Thank you all so so much for the support you give on this blog, I truly love y’all. I’m thinking, hmmm… okay so, I am just going to tell you we are cooking up something new and big for and I seriously hope it comes forth before or on our 3rd Year Anniversary next year. Keep your fingers crossed guys.

With All My Love,


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  1. rue202 says:

    While we wait, we should just get on with life and doing what He wants/leads us to do.

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    1. horptie says:

      Exactly! You get the gist ✊✊

      Liked by 1 person

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