Colleagues call me Horptie, friends and family call me Titilope, my favorite though is Tytylurpe. I am a combination of all three. A Relationship Counselor, rational psych, transitionist yet a whelming being in all sense of the word.

My beautiful self appreciates all about life and its offers but also what I would only permit thus give me the privilege of sharing it with your guys.

Enjoy the blog at Horptie.wordpress.com…It is a blog with lots of potentials filled with the true strength of leading with authenticity, being real and helping people discover what they are capable of by never giving up on themselves and Relationship (a matter of choice though).



EMAIL: Horptieluv4ril@yahoo.com

TWITTER: @Horptie

IG & FACEBOOK PAGE: @Horptie_Counselling


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  2. Joseph Opeoluwa Sholotan says:

    Nice blog friend. I would check this blog regularly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. horptie says:

      And none of the time spent here will be a waste… Thank you so much


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