February, The 14th!


February, The 14th!

This day sure rings a bell each time it is heard – as a day after the marked horror day; 13th, and one whose product would be seen November 14th, #grinning.

It’s a day set out in the calendar to signify a different act from the usual to all meaning persons. The 14th, official RED day – the proposed heart match make season of fondly gestures… oh how I love to love 🙂 .

Contrary  for me though, it was an ordained crazy busy ass day! There was ‘fun’ in the mysterious kinda way, the kind you unusually have location and time deadlines to work with #pheeww.

Okay, so I liked that yesterday was different; frustrating? Oh yes, but it allowed me


experience a feel I thought I had outgrown. I know there’s always going to be, even if it’s the least bit evidence of a dropped habit, it has to be there to allow you reassess your original reason for stopping it and get you to actually stay conscious to keep above it, that reminder should always be welcomed, for indeed we are humans.

Yesterday for me was a day to remember to always be loving irrespective of my own burdens, my discomfort and the unpleasantness at that moment. The moment to always get ‘right’ my emotions, and just stay plain calm and KIND! And in all, the moment to remember TO LOVE MYSELF.

On another level of gist, I got an early vals gift from someone who wanted to just love me for the day, and at the same thing I decided to drop a love hint too in material, food actually… yes, I shared my food with someone on vals day. Another thing I consciously did was to spend more than I normally would have. As a very prudent person, I decided to get something for myself – edible though cos I didn’t want to be too-out-of-budget, but I bought something I could have gone without and also, I gave a token out. I think little things as these counts. Not always because the next person is needy but sometimes just to spend a little time, even if it’s in silence or short giggling, to tell of how valued each human is to the very next person. To give a sense of belonging to an emotionally immersed neighbor. To love. To care. To appreciate. To accommodate. To pull along. To


stand with. To hold unto and up. To be good to…. And today, a day after the official RED date, I’ve been promised a treat at the pizza spot #yaaayyy! I think you can join me, it’s with ice cream o #teethout. Wondering why I’m blushing yea? Even though I’ve actually had this snack quite recently, there’s always a different touch when it’s from someone else’s kind gesture reach out, for reals. Try extending that kind of act to someone around you and watch out for the every reaction of appreciation this person would pose and you would always want to keep showing care to the people.

In all, it is a real Valen-‘TIME’ I’m having… 🙂 !

You want to give us a glimpse into the turn of your yesterday? Please do feel free to, let’s wallow in the ocean depth of your fun.

Your Sweetheart,






I have had some really ‘shard’ experiences of recent where I realize in it, I’m neither here nor there. The moments in which I decided to shut my eyes, sometimes just to relax my lids and other times, in an attempt to catch a quick nap. While at this, I see I’m not sleeping neither am I conscious and the thoughts of what exactly could be happening to me starts slipping in… Where did the process transcend me to? (Here, I recall a movie and the whole theme – FLATLINERS 2017) #smiles. Was I meant to go up above from there but God intervened? Was I coming down with something I probably just haven’t found a name for? And trust me, on and on the thoughts would keep popping in.


You guys remember in my last post, some two weeks ago where I mentioned how seriously I would be taking this year? (So sorry about keeping you waiting on last week’s post, the days slipped by faster than I could keep track of). Making this year really occupied, productive and very different, this is one of my set down goals, which once again I advise should be a guide for us all… So yes, my busy year theme has started and though seeming early, but I tell you, the above grafted experience of mine in the first paragraph is also just getting started.

Sounds like dying? Seems like a soon-to-shut-down process? Or feeling like an imagery? That, I leave for your conclusion.

Digging up some of my past medical findings, I am warned again to remember the very importance of adequate sleep. How the most one can survive without sleep is eleven (11) days. For emphasis, let me break this down to you…


a human body is programmed to ‘exist’ during the day and wired to ‘shut down’ at night, even nature understands this language; Animals: No Exception. So you tell me you can cheat around by just having one hour – two hours – four hours sleep then filling the rest of the day with mental tasks? My dear, it is soon to be ‘’Grave”.

One can decide not to eat adequately or at all considerably for as much as forty (40) days, with some aiding factors to this such as the presence or absence of dehydration, and so weighing levels of survival can be guaranteed. But with sleep deprivation comes so much more than bargained and possibly handle-able, these soon to be ‘’Near Grave”.

Grave is Death packaged as pearls for justification of peace – LurpEe.

My Personal Encounter, The Way Forward!


My Personal Encounter, The Way Forward!

Looking back to the life I left in 2017 just makes me reflect even more on what exactly I should have in the near future. Learning to move past issues, regrets, pains, guilt and betrayal is somewhat refined as Forgiveness. And then you realize that some basics must be followed to achieve desired outcome.

Journeying through life as a child have had its personal effect on how I’ve learnt to live life now. There has been the ups and down proceedings, the jollily and the many other sides applicable, but as they say… everyone has a story.

To have a good story to tell, actions need be made, hence my utmost advice for – A LIST. The list, as you then would have, is at your discretion.

I am one personality that … well, I do like emergency-happening activities. This not to say I don’t plan, No. I just don’t mind a shift in the order of occurrences, I embrace it as being reliable, flexible and divinely spontaneous. It just about gives me a head-start as an ability to flow and survive in this world full of crazes.


For wanting to put someone through what researches have clarified as ‘the way forward’, I just might as well walk in that path. So, I have A List (mine)… Unusually though, but I can’t keep doing things the same way and want a different outcome, there has to be an ‘’affect’’ to the course, then keeping the motion of it straight and right is the only way to get a positive different outcome.

My List for 2018 happens to be handwritten because I thought to myself, e-writing it might make me lazy of its pursuit. I won’t be giving a glimpse of it just yet because that is to be done as each step through it is achieved (don’t worry, I won’t flop, and I promise to remit – this year has to be better towards perfection). Most items on my list would be new, almost not something you ordinarily could have associated me with, but my dear, that’s the point for me… it is a venture into discovery, finding my liking, my flaws, my hidden desire and passions and just maybe purpose can be served via a ‘not-imagined’ means because I tell you, it is never late for self-encounter. A spec to my list though is letting you know it also consist of things I don’t want to do/ I won’t have happen


this new year or ever again #smiles. Yes, your the-list doesn’t necessarily have to be a ‘’to-do-list’’, why not try adding a ‘’not-to-do-list and experience if something can be done differently right #winks.

So, I pose, what would be new for you this year? Keeping in mind that mistakes are, should always be very welcomed.

Hey guys, do give an insight as comments that can allow us help one another, that also happens to be one of the objectives of my blog. Apologies on late delivery of this… I totally forgot yesterday was Thursday – a day for posting on the blog, lawd! I’ve had a truck load of work going on here for me even mentally and it seems it already has the whole year covered right from the first month… See You in February 😊 .

Tales From Broad Day Adventures.


Tales From Broad Day Adventures.

There’s the saying that to live a healthy life, goals needs to be achieved, visions set, priorities straight and to crown it, adventures must be encountered.

This and many alike thoughts are what keeps the vibe through the year and beyond. So when it was December, I just couldn’t wait to fully unleash the adventurous spirit in me!

Reminiscing on the many adventures I’ve read about and those I have imagined or watched… the exploring, doing something out of the ordinary; simply being crazy… I knew the opportunity for that had just shown up with the December festive outings I had lined up. The year 2017 had been a little rough, in all aspect of living, I didn’t even realize it wasn’t just to me till I met up with some people this year 2018 and experiences started rolling in, but still it ended up almost too well from what I had envisaged. #smiles – What happens when God keeps showing up; One Way.



Fast forward to present day – December 25th precisely… yes, Christmas day. I know you all think it’s a norm to have fun on a special day as that, especially one publicly declared as free. It fell on a Monday (oh that feel that an extra day be given off work to rest), this fateful day was all work, house work anyways… the cooking, cleaning, receiving guests, running errands, delivering foods to neighbors and other works as this, well let me tell you, I had more – the mental work was almost more. There were events lined up for the rest of the week and so many calculations of things to put in place even ahead of time. I sure know you would be thinking right now how that counts for an adventure… working your head and mind out, your body not exempted, becks and calls all around … oh yes, it sure was an adventure that preluded even more on its way. Oh again, I forgot the emergency rush hour cake pickup at Cakes and Creams for the main adventure day. That was done on Friday, the 22nd, while I was struggling to loosen my hair! – things you do for family and responsibilities.



December 26th finally came – oh happy day! – My Church’s Yearly Youth Dinner, tagged Overtakers Youth Dinner, and we indeed overtook. The activities of this day started out from 6:30am where we had to convey at the cooking location – help out with the food preparation, advanced to venue setting, and then personal stuff as getting my hair done, nails fixed, but I didn’t get to apply my makeup till I got to the venue as I was behind schedule (a rushed makeover did the trick eventually). The idea and initiative of that occasion or any other set out specifically for that day was to share love, show love, receive affection but definitely not limited to that, it was to expressly connect with people other than your usual company of friends – and from my own account, I say it supernaturally always worked. I happened to have been the supervisor to one of the active units and also a committee member, so yes, a whole lot of work fell on me. I hardly knew how the activities of the event went because I was blank, too preoccupied with the assignment I was given there and being who am I, I wasn’t going to let anything slip out of place nor allow any side of what I was to cover take a blame, so yes, I worked my ass out there… there wasn’t time for fun, or catching up or food or anything else but my duty – so much for my adventure down there as it has almost never been in history that I miss out on real fun, hardly did I get to take pictures (that just shows the height of it as I can seem a freak). Still, enjoy the few I’m able to share with you on the blog which was taken after the event, feel yourself right in the moments with me because trust me, I had the beam feeling unconsciously in me while at it.





But it got better – December 27th came and it was official work time again, but there was a surprise in place… An outing to OMU RESORT CENTER to relieve the work tension of the year, yaayy! And that exactly was – The Adventure. So if you are based here in Nigeria, Lagos precisely is where that center is situated. It’s the kind of place you’d want to come with people as family, the atmosphere for relaxation, for cheering, for childhood bring-back memories, for meeting people (if you are the outgoing type) – so it was the perfect kind of spot for me! I had fun, lots of it… you bear me the pictures there did me justice #winks.







The scary rides, the swings, the paintball shots (I wish I could load the video of that really), the quad biking, the zoo; yes that – that was a sight tho, and other fun activities we were entitled to. That definitely made my year but guess what… We still had work going with calls and internet while at the fun fair! Let me still recommend, you should take a break from work or whatever it is you have working your energy in this new year no matter how little or short, because already, I have plans of that kind lined up for February #blushing. On getting home, quite late, I had visitors waiting – old time, long ago friends to wrap up the pleasant day… It indeed was fun. The emergency putting things together for entertaining, the changing cloths to ease stressed muscles, the catching up chats; the giggling at memories, the jesting, the playful vexing – the many benefits of keeping good relationships with people, you never can tell who would be there long enough to lift your spirit.

JUST GO HAVE AN ADVENTURE, exhilarate!!!! I’d always love you.

Welcome Back – 2018!!

Let me usher you into 2018 here on the blog. You, my awesome readers have been amazing to me… your views, your comments, your likes, your attentiveness have done so much impact into keeping this platform going and alive, I feel wow! 😉.

As you must know has now become like a custom on this blog, we have our posts mostly on Thursdays…maybe due to uncontrollable circumstances that could shift from Wednesday to Friday to Saturday, but never later nor earlier. And so, for now, let’s just stick to our Thursday (so help us Lord). Yea yeah, I know some other blogs have theirs more often maybe even daily… But you’d agree with me, ours here have also always worked.

2018 promises quite a new level of goodies for this platform to us and so I say… keep your fingers crossed cos we gon indeed explore so much of it 😎.

Thank you for making me look forward to posting and reaching you guys(this gives me a level of joy I didn’t exactly expect, makes me want to do even more than I think possible!). Thank you for making me fulfil purpose ( there’s quite still a lot to be accomplished but for starting… I feel useful😄). Thank you for the aspirations that build and swell inside of me ( I promise to not leave it hanging). Thank you for letting me be me to you ( in spite of my so many “shiftings” here physically 😋, I’d get better).

I really do love you… You make me want to explore loving even more all the way.

Your Sweetheart,




In this season! How has it been with you guys? Mine has been marked out with so many activities that I have been too busy achieving to enjoy … but it is fine, because sometimes that’s the way to go #winks.

So still on the matter… WHY DO LADIES CHEAT!? Have you been able to come up with more reasons aside those we talked about last week … or we should just go on to those others I have on my list? Here…

  • Another one that comes closely after the previous point listed is – The Insensitivity Of The Guy. Some guys are super good in spending time with their partners but trust me when I say they lack in what really is ‘Spending Quality Time’. They are always there but never really feeling what’s up with the other person. They don’t really understand the technique of dealing with/getting involved with a lady and her emotions. Being sensitive requires a little more close attentiveness than just giving attention. It is being patient, knowing her needs, being responsive, tender, compassionate, aware, yes AWARE of something more than what’s on the surface that you’ve been presented with when it comes to her emotional state, needs and other little (almost seeming insignificant) details about her.
  • A guy being too bossy is another underlying factor that doesn’t seem like it but is it. Some unknowingly don’t know they have a dominating attitude while some actually can’t do without it and some others just stay bent on being naughty, still, it doesn’t justify the act of the lady cheating. I get the part the lady is unable to approach him for a conversation, can’t give opinion even for his progress… doesn’t mean you have to run to someone who could patiently listen without judging. What to do?     wrong Talk to your guy, make him understand and see things you don’t like that he is doing. Else, leave the relationship because I tell you… It’s their ego (not a justifiable reason too) but it’s a whole lot better than the emotional trauma cheating would bring. It’s not too late to drop that defensive guard and learn to really communicate and relate with that special somebody.
  • Revenge! This is a common way of stabbing someone you feel has wronged you. Never ever justify your reason for cheating on your partner with any other reason. I somewhat can relate to the pains of an heartbreak because in a few of my counselling session, there was a total break down in tears of some persons and me being an emotional person, was at liberty to feel… so yes I know it can be terrible, heart shattering but I will tell you something – you always would get back up once there is sincerity of apology from the guy backed with actions of not repeating it. Trying to get back at the guy is the wrongest way of wanting him to feel remorseful for hurting you, plus two wrongs don’t make a right.                                            Because the lady feels hurt or humiliated, she decides to (immaturely though) try to give the guy a dose of pain from his own drugs. But hear the bad news in it, Revenge has many ways than one that allows such actions backfire at and seriously doing lots of hurts without repairs to both the doer and the intending receiver. So please… FORGIVE it and FORGET, and with sincerity, NEVER make such act repeat itself.


  • Finally, from me of course (because I look forward to more of yours from your view) is – Unforeseen Circumstances… You believe somethings just happen unintentionally. You being at the wrong place at the wrong time with friend(s) and one thing leads to another, sensual feelings occur and you have/are cheating on your boyfriend already. This is why the scriptures (New Living Translation) says… Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course (events) of your life.

So in all, Take serious thoughts on every of your actions. Be reasonable, understanding, rational and logical at all times because what it seems might not always be what it really is. Get to know your partner’s behavior, that would help a long way to how you respond to situations that comes up, be there for them while they learn to believe that you really are there to stay. Also (for both parties), always remember… speaking up and really communicating with patience, not leaving the other person to assume or to find out on their own is the way to go in every relationship.

See you next year guys… I love you!





I got quite a number of feed backs and allegations leveled at me after my earlier post ”WHY DO GUYS CHEAT!?” on why my next post after that wasn’t about reasons for the other sex’s actions in the act. Contrary to what you’d expect, the report was from men in an attempt to make some other ”less than men” retrace their steps and become better partners in their relationships.

And so, here I am to bring justification to their course by putting up this post though not without help from their own point of view. Stay in touch and tuned!

  • Lack Of Vision was the first listed point and yes it got me, maybe that’s the reason I’m having it as my first point here so you don’t get drowned when the other points are shared. So, what are your long term goals? What do you set out to achieve in any kind of relationship you find yourself in (even a work relationship)? What is even the first hand motive of getting into it?.                                                                      In a romantic relationship, we know it may not always end up the way we want/plan, but still I insist that the basis for it should always be for something more than a fling or for passage of time. When one have a short sight/vision for the relationship you have/get into, you can be sure that every turn in that relationship would be wrong/ for the wrong reasons giving resulting factors as lack of commitment, patience, devotion, effort and many more that are detrimental to the future of any relationship. A lady’s inability to see beyond the present circumstances of the guy. Inability to see the hidden potentials in the guy… Do you see the guy as someone who knows where he is heading towards in life and is working hard towards it? Even if it doesn’t look it yet, can you see a bright future with the guy? Does he have good plans for the future? Has he shared them with you and you can’t see it or believe he can achieve them with or without your support? Or you wanting immediate satisfaction to your every want… You can’t hold still and watch God make manifest what He alone would permit? This drive just about makes you hop around looking for what is not.


  • Ojukokoro (otherwise known as insect-eye/long throat) LOL. This, grammaticized means ’’Covetousness’’. This is sheer desire to always possess, always wanting, never satisfied, always demanding, at some point can even be classified as ‘thievery’ #grinning. Not being contented; this is quite different from being genuinely ambitious for something/somebody with potentials. It is inability to stay put, invest, watch-grow/germinate into something full-blown after hard work, patience and conscious effort. It can also be in a situation where you start comparing your guy to another guy you met/know on levels on his achievements, or looks or the time he spends with you or his worth. This would definitely push you to lusting after the other guy because to you, seems like he has it all!
  • Lack Of Attention From The Guy. This is one very common factor that pushes a lady out/looking for something more. Okay ladies, there is that time for everything! He’s trying to build something for you both. He’s trying to have a solid standing financially because in the end, it is you who would be complaining from lack of it. Though it is seriously important to know the difference between ”something that matters and someone that is precious”, still we have to be understanding and patient. Also know the difference in a guy that is ambitious and the one that is overzealous and just not ready to commit because while some claim it is work-busy, there are so many more things that takes their attention than they are willing to admit (- phones, football, TV, friends of the guy, academics, etc.). There isn’t that one woman who wouldn’t thirst for that touch of satisfaction that comes from the guy being responsible towards her emotions and feelings needing attention. Work has its place of priority because it is in a way the sustenance of the financial aspect of a relationship. Dear, though it is no way compared to love or satisfaction to the heart as it can never fill or replace the feel of true love, still I say, give him that space he needs for balance.

Hey guys, let me drop it off here this week…next week, I will give the concluding part of this write up just so you don’t get put off by its lengthiness. What is your take on these few written? Let’s see how we can help a confused guy out there…It’s a Merry Season!